Günther (English version)





My name is Günther.

I work in a statistical office.

Human suffering

Is an alien concept to me!


600 people deported!

That´s how it´s got to be!

Coffee and cake today!

That´ll be fabulous!


The public whines

About all the dead people

What´s the big idea?

They are offered lots of entertainment!


And once again there´s some brat

Growing up in precarious circumstances.

But empathy

Is something I don´t need or have at all!


All that´s interesting to me

Are figures, my salary and my allotment garden.

There between the garden gnomes

I achieve big deeds!


Migrants are collectively considered suspicious.

And that makes sense too!

If we don´t control them all the time,

what do you think will happen to this country?


My office is multicoloured

In six different shades of grey.

After work, I can finally indulge in my hobby:

Tanks from World War II!


Ok, that´s it,

I need to go,

I´m getting awfully sick of these dirty left-wing do-gooder lowlifes!